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Eric Bartle
and Sarah Kundelius

The Wilderness Hunters

Eric and Sara will lead a Maialata workshop on salting+preserving, pickling and general homesteading activities. 

Chefs Eric Bartle and Sara Kundelius, better known to some as The WildernessHunters, have spent the past five years traveling seasonally across the US managing remote lodge properties from Alaska and Wyoming to most recently, a 130 year old fly fishing club and farm in the Catskill Mountains of New York. 

This husband and wife chef couple, who call Forest Grove, OR home for the winter months, have worked to integrate the farm-to-table ethos into all aspects of their personal and professional lives, from raising turkeys, sheep, laying hens and meat chickens to growing and preserving their annual garden bounty. 

In conjunction with their passion for growing the best ingredients, fostered by Chef Eric’s years in the kitchen of James Beard Award winner Greg Higgins, these two have also  spent the majority of their free time exploring the forests, mountains, rivers and coastline of Oregon in search of choice wild mushrooms  and edibles, Oregon truffles, wild game, fish and shellfish. 

The WildernessHunters will be offering a salt focused preservation class, from salting and air drying classic Italian style coppa salumi, to fermented Sauerkraut and salt cured egg yolks.