Worden Hill Farm

Wolfgang Ortloff


In 2007, they moved from Zurich, Switzerland with their three young daughters to take over Susan’s parents' place in Oregon's beautiful Dundee Hills. Their dream was to teach the girls the joys of farm life. Wolfgang's family in Bavaria, Germany had raised pigs and cured hams for generations, and a good friend from a restaurant in town was yearning for a local source of superior pork. So they fenced in the fields, located some high-quality heritage weaners and slowly built up a uniquely artisan pig farm.

Since then they have established a close network of local processors, breeders, farmers and chefs. They've grown from slaughtering 4 pigs every 6 months, to raising several generations at once so that they can provide a continuous supply of pork for the market. The adventure has been tremendously rewarding. They are proud to not only have taught their girls where delicious bacon really comes from, but also that raising animals sustainably and humanely is hard work and ultimately satisfying.