During a 90 minute demonstration, Dario will use his theatrical personality and talents as an 8th generation butcher to share his ethos and methodology for being a carnivore, a butcher and an advocate for the animals we eat.

Continuation of Butchery  
with Rob Roy of Nostrana & Camas Davis of Portland Meat Collective

After Dario breaks down the hog into primal cuts and a huge porchetta, the remaining parts will be left for Rob and Camas to demonstrate the next steps in processing a pig into the cuts we're familiar with at the meat counter. 

Potato Gnocchi & Wild Boar Sugo with Cathy Whims from Nostrana and Paolo Calamai of Burrasca

Cathy is at the heart of Maialata and finds great joy in sharing her culinary techniques.  From raw potato to tiny delicious pillows, Cathy will show how to make traditional gnocchi which will then be folded into Paolo’s delicious sauce and tasted in class.

Paolo will demonstrate a classic game dish of slow-stewed wild boar from the Maremma region (the ‘wild west’ of Tuscany). Tuscans, never in a hurry when it comes to food or eating, love a slow braise—and this dish delivers. Guests will learn just the right technique for layering in the ingredients in order to maximize depth of flavor then pour it over Cathy’s gnocchi!

Sausage Stuffing with Sarah Schneider from The Nightwood Society

Sausage is on the menu for dinner at the end of the day.  In this class, Sarah, a talented butcher and chef, will show the process of taking large muscle cuts of pig, then seasoning, grinding and stuffing them into traditional sausage.


Pasta with Rick Gencarelli of Grassa and Lardo

You've never seen pasta dough handled like Rick does it! He's a master pasta-maker and will show you how to dirty up an apron while making this egg-based tubular pasta that will later be served at the Maialata dinner in the cellar.


Salting & Preserving with the Wilderness Hunters

Eric Bartle and Sarah Kundelius have worked to integrate the farm-to-table ethos into all aspects of their lives, from raising turkeys, sheep, laying hens and meat chickens to growing and preserving their annual garden bounty. In this class they will walk through salting+preserving meat, pickling and general homesteading activities.  They will supply tastes of meat, eggs, and vegetables that they have recently preserved.