A day steeped in old world traditions.


We invite you, our friends and fellow food-lovers, to join us Sunday, March 3 for an exciting and unique experience as our Oregon community of chefs, butchers, purveyors, and makers come together to bring you the 7th Annual Maialata: Festival of the Pig.

An age-old celebration of the pig ("maiale" is Italian for "pig") Maialata is a workday and feast steeped in old-world traditions in accordance with folklore and biodynamic practices.

In the small mountain towns of Northern Italy, winter months afford the natural refrigeration necessary to process an entire 500 pound animal into sausages, salumi, prosciutti, steaks, ribs, behemoth roasts and ragus that will feed the family for the year to come. This process of butchering, salting and preserving several animals is no small task.  Rural communities would come together in a central town and work all day to prepare their pigs. Then, at night, they would feast on the bounty of their labor and pay respect to the animals that provide their nourishment.


The Oregon Maialata is March 3, 2019

In honor of these old traditions Chef-owner Cathy Whims of Nostrana and Enoteca Nostrana, along with Rudy Marchesi of Montinore Estate have created this annual tradition in Oregon.

Legendary Italian butcher Dario Cecchini who will join for the 3rd year, will lead a charismatic and in-depth demonstration of whole animal butchery as he breaks down a full-grown Worden Hill Heritage Hog.  Then the pig will be further broken down and guests will be invited to participate in the entire process through hands-on workshops featuring: stuffing sausage, salting+preserving and pasta-making alongside some of Portland's best chefs while enjoying hand crafted cheese, charcuterie and wine throughout the day.

Once we have fully processed the beautiful pig and produced dishes for dinner, attendees and chefs will gather in the subterranean wine cellar, side-by-side, to indulge in a multi-course feast โ€“ the product of the day's lessons and labors โ€“ accompanied by Montinore Estate wines.


Whole Animal Butchery


Maialata kicks off every year with the basic breakdown of an adult hog.  During the 90 minute demonstration, Dario will share his ethos and methodology for being a carnivore, a butcher and an advocate for the animals we eat. 



learn from the best in oregon

A few weeks before the event, attendees will sign up for one workshop of their choice to learn hands-on methods of sausage making, primal butchery, ravioli, salt preserving, and gnocchi. 


Farm Lunch

by the nightwood society

After the whole hog butchery demonstration, guests gather in the winery to enjoy a rich bounty of farm fresh foods prepared and beautifully displayed by The Nightwood Society alongside Montinore Estate wines.  A perfect fuel for the workshops that follow. 

Cheryl Juetten Photography

Cellar Dinner

the bounty of the day's labor

It all comes down to this. The hog has been lovingly butchered and cured, the pasta rolled, and the ragu simmered. Then, we uncork more wine and gather together in the cellar to enjoy the day's production together, during an unforgettable multi-course dinner. 

Our full day looks like this:



Arrive at Montinore Estate for fresh coffee in the Tasting Room, along with burro del Chianti from served by Cathy Whims.


Welcome to the winery for wine and be seated for the butchery demonstration.


During a 90 minute demonstration, Dario will use his theatrical personality and talents as an 8th generation butcher to share his ethos and methodology for being a carnivore, a butcher and an advocate for the animals we eat.

2:00pm - 2:45pm  

 by The Nightwood Society

3:00pm - 4:30pm

Break out into workshops, in which you previously enrolled, and learn how make sausage, ravioli, gnocchi, and other exciting Italian specialties

4:30pm - 5:15pm

Makers, chefs, butchers and purveyors will sell their products

5:30pm - 7:30pm
The day's work presented in a multi-course dinner in the underground cellar,
paired with Montinore wine 



Montinore Estate Vineyards


Established in 1982, Montinore Estate is the second largest estate producer of wines made from Biodynamicยฎ grapes in the country. With a 200-acre Demeter Certified Biodynamicยฎ and Stellar Certified Organic vineyard located in north Willamette Valley in Oregon, we focus on producing superior Pinot Noirs, cool climate whites, and fascinating Italian varietals.

Montinore Estate is 30 miles from Portland's city center. 

Maialata Family