Leather Storrs

Chef/owner of Noble Rot



 | Maialata MC


Leather Storrs is a native Portlander with Italian level passion for his home. Goosed into cooking by his Architect father, Storrs is keen on seasonal respect, foraging and the combination of ingredient, spirit and technique that tells a story.

Storrs is a CIA graduate with a BA in romantic period verse. He spouts spooky BS as a live storyteller and hosts a weekly podcast called “The hotline” with his grade school pal, Kurt Huffman, the force behind Portland’s Chefstable restaurant group.

Storrs has helmed the kitchen at Noble Rot (the restaurant he owns with Kimberly Bernosky and his wife, Courtney) since its opening in 2002. Some years were better than others. At 46, he has eaten approximately 6.8 whole pigs. Lately he’s been making food with Oregon’s newest cash crop. He has a line of Cannabis edibles called “Wezz”. He also has two kids-Rye(14) and Charlotte(12)- who both love shoes and talking smack.