Zeph Shepard

Proletariat Butchery

Zeph leads a workshop on cold smoke and shows a detailed breakdown of the pig's head, and the secrets behind the art of butchery. 

Zeph grew up helping his father and mother with projects for their family that stemmed out of a maturing sense of responsibility and a need for frugality. This instilled a deep-rooted appreciation for utilitarianism that is still prevalent in his daily life.  In the summer of 2010, one of the most profound times in Zeph’s life occurred while he was learning old world techniques for butchering at Seabreeze Farm on Vashon Island under the tutelage of head butcher, Brandon Sheard.  The simplistic beauty within the work and preparation for living and eating has led him on his journey of all things meat, and not coincidentally, to the birth of Proletariat Butchery.